Eyes peeled – eight artists to watch in 2019 by Art Critic Cristín Leach

“Marcel Vidal made a big black sooty splash in a corner of the RHA with White Noise, his contribution to the 2018 Futures show. In 2018, he also impressed with his solo show Silverfish at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon. His installations are dark, apocalyptic and occasionally dangerous (White Noiseincluded razor wire), and the contrast between the restrained, clean elegance of his works on canvas and the drama of his three-dimensional work is part of what give his installations their edge.”

You, Me and Everything In Between workshop conducted by ACW students in the RHA Futures

Dublin Youth Dance Company workshop, photograph by Brendan Fox

ACW work with the RHA for Learning and Public Engagement, Futures Series 3, Episode 2 with Dublin Youth Dance Company

Working closely with the RHA, Katy Fitzpatrick and Róisín Bohan for the Public Engagement and Learning program for the current Futures exhibition, ACW students, Brendan Fox, Natalie Pullen and Éimear Regan developed You, Me and Everything In Between, a theatrical workshop loosely based around Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, where participants were encouraged to manifest a performative narrative connecting the exhibition content. The artists featuring in Futures Series 3, Episode 2 exhibition are Bassam Al-Sabah, Cecilia Danell, Laura Fitzgerald, Jennifer Mehigan, Joanne Reid and Marcel Vidal. The work on display by each artist in Futures is unconnected and seemingly disparate as the exhibition is a display of their own personal practice rather than a group show that relates to a specific theme or greater narrative. The challenge set forth in the workshop was to develop a constellation between the artists’ work on display, with an outcome of producing and creating a wholly separate piece of performance art. The artists also contributed to the workshop, donating personal objects for a further insight into their world, among the objects donated were a paint pot cast from layers upon layers of paint, a silver mask and a metal rod. Members of the Dublin Youth Dance Company directed by Mariam Ribon, were invited to participate in the 3-hour-long workshop which took place on Saturday 15 December. The first half of the workshop began with the 11 participants viewing and taking in the work, followed by a meditation and then contained a series of exercises influenced by Boal’s practice where there was a discussion and consequently a generation of ideas for a narrative emerged. During the second half of the workshop the DYDC participants were divided into three groups and were instructed to develop their narrative of the exhibition through three “moments” that established a final performance. Materials were provided by the facilitators Fox, Pullen and Regan to aid the development and theatricality of the narrative, encouraging the participants to engage in producing a fully embodied piece of art. The dancers infused themselves into the workshop and the outcome was outstanding. Each group performed their finished piece within the space with the artworks as a backdrop. The dancers’ commitment to the workshop was phenomenal and the creative energy generated in the space was quite special.

Éimear Regan, MA Art in the Contemporary World

Basic Talks: Marcel Vidal in conversation with Frank Wasser The Hugh Lane Gallery.

Basic Talks: Marcel Vidal

Friday 11 January, 1pm

Marcel Vidal in conversation with Frank Wasser. The convergence of two modes of production –painting and sculpture-  and their aesthetic contrast interests the artist Marcel Vidal. His practice will be the subject of an in-conversation with Frank Wasser, artist, writer and art historian. Free, no booking is required.

Basic Talks is a series of informal talks with leading contemporary practitioners taking place on the second Friday of every month. Curated by Basic Space in partnership with The Hugh Lane, BASIC TALKS is an open platform for talks, panels, lectures and performances. Speakers will include artists, curators, writers and critics who will generate discourse on producing and exhibiting art.

Free, no booking required.

Futures, Series 3, Episode 2. Nov 2018 – 19 Dec2018 RHA Gallery I

Futures, Series 3, Episode 2. Nov 2018 – 19 Dec2018
RHA Gallery I

This exhibition is the second in the third series of Futures, a sequence of exhibitions that endeavors to document and contextualise the work of early career artists, around who exists a growing critical and curatorial consensus.

The artists in Futures, Series 3, Episode 2 are selected from various artist-led initiatives, group shows and over a series of studio visits undertaken in the last 18 months by Patrick T. Murphy, RHA Director and Ruth Carroll, Curator.

The artists chosen for this year’s Futures exhibition are; Bassam Al-Sabah, Cecilia Danell, Laura Fitzgerald, Jennifer Mehigan, Joanne Reid and Marcel Vidal.