UNTITLED – 2014 oil on canvas, 50x60cm, watercolor on paper, MDF frames, wood, duck tape, animal fur, paint, dimensions variable

The Carny
Genieve Figgis / Nevan Lahart / Maureen O’Connor / Marcel Vidal

7 February – 1 March 2014

The Carny invites responses to the idea of the visual, and it’s presentation in the gallery space. The works in the show battle for autonomy, disparate works juxtaposed in this one room gallery. These large visceral works alter the physical relationship the viewer may ordinarily have when entering the gallery, obscuring the view into the gallery from the street via the large gallery window, while wall-based works spread across the brick walls at once set out to define and repel any sense of meaning. All of the work in the show references to some degree an awareness of or nod to history in their making, but display an irreverential ‘fuck you’ upon their first encounter. The exhibition also features a one-sheet newspaper style poster with images for each artist – this can be picked up free from the gallery or mailed out on request.

FLOOD is kindly supported by Dublin City Council Arts Office, The Arts Council and Lismore Castle Arts
Unit 3,