NCAD Gallery – 2012

Saturday, 9th June – Tuesday, 26th June 2012

Jason Dunne / David Eager Maher / Sam Keogh / Joseph Noonan Ganley / Marcel Vidal / Francis Wasser

WORK HEAD is an exhibition and publication of work produced by six recent graduates of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. This event presents the imperatives and paradoxes of artworks produced by a group of peers. It holistically and stubbornly resists syntax or a proper mediating thematic. Each element embodies a persistent pestilence towards the idea of an exhibition. This manifests in the insistent appearance of any one work beside another, which is inevitably indifferent to it. A vicissitude of positions, strategies, methodologies and indeed ethics are fleshed out in this exhibition – but an economy is produced non-the-less, a base line: a group of peers whose work necessitates many heads.

WORKHEAD was shortlisted for the Production Ireland award from The Centre For Contemporary Art, Derry in August 2012.

NCAD Gallery,
100 Thomas Street,
Dublin 8,